Karen Z. (gegenschein) wrote in beautynthegeek,
Karen Z.

Checking things off the list!

What a busy week I've had here at my parents' house! Here's what we've done:

- Bought shoes for the wedding
- Picked out the wedding cake (don't worry, it's delicious!)
- Chose flowers and bouquet styles
- Met with the leader of the wedding band about songs we want played
- Wedding dress fitting and choosing a tiara (Thursday)
- Found a hair salon, made an appointment for practice styling (Friday)
- Picked out ring bearer pillows, flower girl basket, and guestbook

There isn't much left to do! Everything is really coming together.

We finally decided that we wanted to have a flower girl and ring bearer. Adrian has a trio of cute little cousins, but we very well couldn't leave anyone out, so we decided to use all three! Jessica will be our flower girl, and Sean and Cody will be the dual ring bearers and escort their sister down the aisle. We think it's going to be adorable! Each boy will have his own pillow. One pillow will go to the Maid of Honor (Lissa) and the other will go to the Best Man (John).

Less than four months to go... it's crazy how time flies!
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