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39 days to go!

The wedding of my friends Jaime and Gary over this past weekend really hit home that Adrian and I will also be married very soon!

Both wedding rings have been purchased. Adrian's is a silver and gold ring with "Ani L'dodi v'dodi li" engraved on it in Hebrew. It translates in English to "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine," which I think is a beautiful saying from Song of Songs. My own wedding ring is gold with a row of diamonds across the top. It is a beautiful, perfect ring. I cannot wait until the day when I get to wear it forever!

We have also purchased our Ketubah, which is the Jewish certificate of marriage. It looks like this:

The picture is small, but if you were to look at the real one, you would see a beautiful image of Jerusalem under a blanket of stars.

Basically everything is done. To give you an idea of what we have left to do, here is my to-do list for the next 39 days!

- Pick up place cards and yarmulkes
- Buy or make a basket to hold the yarmulkes
- Get place cards calligraphied
- Order cocktail and long napkins
- Work out seating chart for wedding guests
- Finalize rehearsal dinner/guests with dzlady
- Design wedding program
- Contact people who have still not RSVPed
- Decide on a hair stylist for the wedding day
- Put together the "party favors" for the reception
- Put together toiletries baskets for the bathrooms
- Put together goodie packs for friends/family staying at the hotel
- Go over music and flow of the reception with the band leader
- Make final wedding gown fittings
- Have all men involved make their final tux fittings
- Make sure bridesmaids have their gowns altered and shoes purchased
- Wrap bridesmaids gifts
- Make sure Adrian buys/wraps groomsmen's gifts
- Write thank-you cards for gifts received before the wedding
- Go through childhood photos for the wedding video
- Meet with photographer to discuss photos/styles

Wow... that's definitely more than I thought! Hopefullly a few things will be done by this weekend... or at least I can dream, lol.

All I can say is that it really pays off to get the big stuff taken care of way in advance. I don't know how people plan big weddings in just a couple of months. There is so much to do!
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YAY! I'm so excited for you! The Ketubah is beautiful. And about the engraving on Adrian's ring (which I think is a beautiful saying)... I thought it sounded familiar, and I realized it was on an episode of the X-Files! (Sorry, I'm such a tool). But, I remember thinking then that it was lovely, and I think it's awesome that you guys had it engraved on his ring!
Thank you! That's really neat that the quote was in X-files. From what I remember, though, they used to slip in random Jewish things every once in a while. Someone on the show must have been Jewish.

Actually, the ring was already engraved with "Ani l'dodi v'dodi li" when we bought it (it was purchased at a Judaica store, not at a regular Jeweler). It is a VERY popular marriage quote and appears on most Ketubahs and even on dual headstones of married couples (my grandparents' headstone has it carved into it). If you look up "jewish wedding ring" on Google you'll see tons of them with this very engraving, however I haven't found any online that look exactly like Adrian's ring. After the wedding, we'll have to post photos!
hey! thats my brother and Naomi's ketubah, as well. I happen to know its very gorgeous. :-D

I think I met someone who knows you tonight. Greg something, who said he once wanted you to write an essay to hook up with him? ;) Interesting.
Awesome! Yay for good taste in Ketubahs! :)

And yeah, Greg, I went to high school with him. The essay thing was a joke, or so I thought, lol. No hooking up or anything remotely close to it ever happened. I rarely took anything he said with more than a grain of salt. He was a crazy kid back then! I even have some weird photos of him and some other high school friends at a LAN party on the photo archives of siren.org. Hehe.
aww how people get weedings planned in such a short time is easy...they hire me ...the event coordinator and i do everything for them... and if any of yall need weddings planned i will be glad to do it and i travel and fly so you wouldnt have to pay me to fly i would just come to where you were and plan it ! It really is an exciting job