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Moving once again! :)

(this entry was crossposted from my journal.)

For a while now, we've been aggravated at the lack of space we have in our one-bedroom apartment, especially now that we have another member of our household - Maya. We simply need more room.

Yesterday morning, my parents and I went over to the office and spoke to the apartment manager. It just so happens that someone is moving out of a two-bed/two-bath apartment next month! We should be able to move in by February!

The new place is nearly 500 sq. ft. larger than our current apartment and we won't be paying too much more. Best of all, we'll have a washer and dryer!!!!!!! Both Adrian and I are incredibly excited about this. Plus, we'll each have our own closets, with mine being the Master Bedroom's walk-in, and Adrian taking the computer room's wall-length closet. It's going to be amaaaazing!

Everything is pro-rated, so there's no "double rent," the deposit will transfer from one apartment to the other, and it doesn't extend our lease any further, either... though that doesn't matter, since we plan to stay here for a while, anyway.

This is so exciting. We had been looking at houses this past weekend, and although there were some good prices out there, we all concluded that we should really wait, and just save more money.

Now that we'll have the space, we plan on buying a few more things for our place when we have the money. We've been using a plastic "trunk" as a coffee table, and really want a real table. Additionally, we want a new dresser, a huge bookshelf to house our library, and Adrian wants one of those L-shaped desks for the office.

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